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  • KWS-BCNET0-SUB - Subskrypcja dla BACnet/IP
    KWS-BCNET0-SUB - Subskrypcja dla BACnet/IP
  • KWS-BCNET0-SUB - Subskrypcja dla BACnet/IP
    KWS-BCNET0-SUB - Subskrypcja dla BACnet/IP
Subskrypcja dla BACnet/IP
680.00 $
12 mc
KWS-BCNET0-SUB - Subskrypcja dla BACnet/IP
The BACnet/IP driver for KEPServerEX provides an interface to connect, monitor, and control building automation devices—providing real-time data to a myriad of software applications, from building and energy management systems to enterprise IT networks. It provides connectivity to equipment using the BACnet protocol over Ethernet (often referred to as "BACnet/IP" or "Annex J"). Devices on other BACnet network types may be accessed using BACnet gateway devices.
Informacje dodatkowe
• Integrates BACnet data into OPC-compliant HMI/SCADA applications
• Enables BACnet data to be accessed by leading automation, HMI/SCADA, ERP, Big Data, asset management, and analytics packages via OPC, proprietary protocols, and IT protocols (including MQTT, REST, ODBC, and SNMP)
• Supports Automatic Device Discovery
• Supports Command Priority, which prioritizes write requests
• Supports Application Protocol Data Unit (APDU), which affects message segmentation
• Includes Automatic Tag Generation through device interrogation
• Supports the following Standard Objects, including most of the required properties: Accumulator, Analog Input, Analog Output, Analog Value, Averaging, Binary Input, Binary Output, Binary Value, Calendar, Command, Device, Event Enrollment, File, Group, Life Safety Point, Life Safety Zone, Loop, Multi-State Input, Multi-State Output, Multi-State Value, Notification Class, Program, Schedule, and Trend Log
• Supports Confirmed and Unconfirmed Event Notifications for both intrinsic and algorithmic notifications for several Event States, including Change of Value, Change of State, Out of Range, Unsigned Range, and Command Failure
Port komunikacyjny
BACnet/IP (Annex J)
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